A dark psychological horror adventure


You play with two fascinating characters to unravel a captivating and branching story set in the small rural town of Sveti Kotar.

Sveti Kotar is an ancient town that lies hidden in a mountain region of Croatia, a place tormented by agony and sorrow.


You follow the frightening tale of Benedek Dohnany and Nikolay Kalyakin as they try to find the truth behind a macabre series of murders and strange phenomena, allegedly related to devil worship and witchcraft.

Your actions and words affect the storylines you experience and the characters you meet as you follow the shadow of something deeply hidden behind the town's dark past.

The game

Saint Kotar is a 2.5D point and click adventure game in development for Windows, Mac and Linux. The game draws inspiration from different types of masterpieces in the horror and detective genres, such as Broken Sword, Gabriel Knight, Black Mirror, The King in Yellow, True Detective and The VVitch.

Key features

  • Dark psychological horror adventure set in the small rural town of Sveti Kotar.
  • More than 70 locations to explore of a vast and foreboding world.
  • Up to 20 hours of gameplay weaved into a mysterious and gripping branching plot.
  • Two fascinating playable characters, two captivating storylines.
  • Decisions are fateful and affect the storylines.
  • Hand-painted distinctive art style that fits the game’s mood.
  • Fully voiced.
  • Eerie original soundtrack.
  • Modern twist on a classically inspired point and click adventure gameplay.
The game


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